Citybird McDonnell Douglas MD-11


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#About Citybird
CityBird was an airline founded in 1996, and based in Building 117D, Melsbroek Airport in Zaventem. The airline filed for bankruptcy in October 2001. Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium considered buying them out of bankruptcy, but later pulled out.

They flew a fleet of twelve aircraft including the Boeing 767-300ER, various Boeing 737 models (series -300, -400 and -800 aircraft), the Airbus A300-600R and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11. Over 50 European cities were served via Brussels. Citybird employed over 600 employees as of 2001 and was listed at NASDAQ Europe a.k.a. Eastdaq under the ticker symbol CBIR (CityBird holding SA) in November 1997. Though they had bought their first MD-11 in December 1996, they did not begin operations until March 1997.

Their planes offered a “Royal Eagle” business class, “Premium Flamingo” class (not on Newark flights), and “Colibri” economy class. They used the “point-to-point” approach to air travel rather than the “hub and spoke” wherein all transatlantic flights (from Los Angeles, Newark, Oakland, Miami, Orlando or Mexico City) went to Brussels Airport (BRU). All aircraft featured the airline’s tagline, “The Flying Dream.”

In July 1999, CityBird began cargo activities using two A300-600 “full freighters.”

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#Fleet of Citybird
When it existed, Citybird’s fleet used to compromise of 15 fleet. Such as

  • A300-600R (2)
  • B737-300 (1)
  • B737-400 (4)
  • B737-800 (3)
  • B767-300ER (2)
  • MD-11 (3)

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#About OO-CTB
The plane (LN600, Serial 48766) was delivered to Citybird at 09/12/1996 after being one of MD-11s prototype (Since 01/03/1996, as N6203U). The plane has served the airline for almost 6 years until it got stored at Victorville 02/10/02 as P4-BDL. The plane got delivered to Finnair (as OH-LGF) at 06/06/2004 and served Finnair for 5 years until got stored again at January 2010. The plane got delivered again to CargoItalia 3 months after at 04/06/2010 as EI-EMS until the airline ceased operations at 21st December 2011. The plane got stored again as N406BC and currently owned by the lessor, Boeing Capital Corp.

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What a cool looking plane! I never knew black/very dark colors would look so good on an airplane!

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A very good looking livery indeed. All the dark colors used are perfect! It is a really fitting livery for the MD-11.

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Been going around, looking for Belgian airline topics, this is a great one. This was quite a mayor airline along with Sabena, great variation of aircraft from 3 of the biggest manufacturers at the time. Unique livery as well not many airlines, if any, use dark green in their liveries anymore.

Here is an image that really shows the green:

Absolutely stunning.