CityBird Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-11

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    About CityBird Airlines

CityBird was an airline founded in 1996, and based in Building 117D, Melsbroek Airport in Zaventem. The airline filed for bankruptcy in October 2001. Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium considered buying them out of bankruptcy, but later pulled out.
They flew a fleet of twelve aircraft including the Boeing 767-300ER, various Boeing 737 models (series -300, -400 and -800 aircraft), the Airbus A300-600R and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11. Over 50 European cities were served via Brussels. Citybird employed over 600 employees as of 2001 and was listed at NASDAQ Europe a.k.a. Eastdaq under the ticker symbol CBIR (CityBird holding SA) in November 1997. Though they had bought their first MD-11 in December 1996, they did not begin operations until March 1997.

Their planes offered a “Royal Eagle” business class, “Premium Flamingo” class (not on Newark flights), and “Colibri” economy class. They used the “point-to-point” approach to air travel rather than the “hub and spoke” wherein all transatlantic flights (from Los Angeles, Newark, Oakland, Miami, Orlando or Mexico City) went to Brussels Airport (BRU). All aircraft featured the airline’s tagline, “The Flying Dream.”

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      About the MD-11

The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 is an American three-engine medium- to long-range wide-body jet airliner, manufactured by McDonnell Douglas and, later, by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Based on the DC-10, it features a stretched fuselage, increased wingspan with winglets, refined airfoils on the wing and smaller tailplane, new engines and increased use of composite materials. Two of its engines are mounted on underwing pylons and a third engine at the base of the vertical stabilizer. It also features a glass cockpit that decreases the flight deck crew to two from the three required on the DC-10 by eliminating the need for a flight engineer.

Some more information On the MD-11
Seating Capacity: 323 (2 class), 293 (3 Class)
Overall Length: 202 Ft with GE engines, 201 with PW engines
Typical Cruise Speed: 544 Mph (0.88 Mach)
Max Range: 6,840 nmi

My Opinion: With the up and coming MD-11 update, this aircraft would be a hit with Some IF members, tempting them to spend some money for this aircraft. I think many would fly these all over Europe and America.

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