City to city flight with the CRJ

While I usually do long flights this time I felt like doing a short flight and it was pretty good. Hoping from one city to another in a small aircraft is fun. Here are some pictures of this short fun flight.

Aircraft: Crj-700/HOP! Livery


Flight time: 58 minutes

Sever: Expert

So since this is a regional aircraft I spawned at a Remote Stand for realism. Yes I know they can be at a gate too but like I said, just wanted realism. Anyway here is where I was

So after pushback and a long taxi, proceeded to taxi to the active. Had clearance from ATC to depart to the north which is where London is at. Got a view of an A318 which was going where I was. Also let’s not forget the moon

After departure, I got a nice view of the flatlands of france. I thought it was a nice departure but its not as good as a mountain view.

So with a couple of minutes of flying I started my descent into Heathrow. Unfortunately I was a bit high so I had to circle around the airport to my appropriate altitude. With all that out of the way, I was on final for the runway. Again, also got a good moonshot.

After a bit of difficulty landing (due to random winds) I got on the ground safely. Taxied to parking, shutdown, and disembark the aircraft with no problems at the gate.


The airlines is called hop because it hops into the air
btw nice moon shot u got there
just like it if it were night

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Nice shots! I personally prefer short hauls, being able to fly to lots of destinations in one day is great fun.


Haha good one and thank you :)

Yes u are right. I do enjoy it too