City sounds effects

When we are on Free Cam or other “outside planes” camera views, it would be great if we may have “nature sounds” or “city ambiant sounds” so all sounds that we can heard on a spotting video. It would push IF more realistic.

For example :
St this view, I would be able to hear cars crossing highways, birds singing, like if we are IRL!

The idea is to put something like this on background

What do you think guys?
It will be an awesome feature!


Pretty sure if you’re at an airport, the last thing you could hear from near an aircraft is bird sounds…


I was just giving example

That would be really nice however I think that it would seem a little unnatural, because there’s no birds and highways at an airport tarmac, however for flying not near the airport it would be pretty cool.

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I corrected that

Yes, stupid thing. Removed !

In your opinion 😉 Doesn’t mean everyone thinks the same.

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I believe that Infinite Flight is a flight simulator, so i’d want to hear, well, the planes.


I said what I feel, this is why I am requesting.
If people don’t feel, they won’t like. Point taken ! Next ;)

Yes but IRL when you are on a airport and there are no aircraft near you, can’t you hear “city sounds”?

Depends where the airport is though doesn’t it? If I’m flying into Area 51 I doubt I’ll hear city sounds.

I’m sure the devs won’t want to go through every airport that’s near a city to add it.

That’s just my opinion :)


Not really. When i’m at an airport, (which I am a lot), and especially when your are not in the terminal but on the tarmac, (Which I also am a lot), you tend to hear planes. Birds steer clear of airports, and even if they were there, the planes would drown them out. And airports aren’t close enough to cities where you can still hear them. Sorry to be critical, but those sounds just don’t exist at an airport.


Nothing better than hearing a car crash on takeoff.


If you’re anywhere near a plane, pretty much all you’re going to hear is the plane.


I like the idea, but I see more of a place for it at smaller airports or those that only service GA aircraft. Cool feature request though still.

All I heard was that gorgeous livery. I mean no, I noticed the sound…I’m not…stupid.

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I’m guessing that was recorded at CMH, right?

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Except for Gibraltar AIRPORT!!!

Then the game would sound weired like Trainz Simulator

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Absolutely not. Don’t want this to the slightest.

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