City Lights

Don’t know if anyone else feels the same, as I did’t read every single reply, but I would rather have this before 3D buildings. In my experience of playing FS2020 sorry the 3D buildings are there in some places, but not in others, and in reality, it looks better just without the 3D buildings…

YoU pLaYeD MsFs2020? I mean if 3d buildings are gonna take a while then this should keep us happy in the meantime I guess. Even though they should fix some things like the actual sim itself like the phyiscs and stuff. You can literally takeoff using a quarter of the runway with an a380 lol. But yea good idea


Totally agree! Yes, I play it because sometimes the graphics are better, they also have lights taxiway lights and things like that

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Was just thinking about how amazing night landings would be with this! Nice idea!


It would be very much and we are getting closer it seems to projects like these becoming a reality for us thanks to Project Metal.


Good idea!

W O W! Amazing!!! 😻

To be honest, This is very exciting idea!!!
But, It will be a huge project for development.
Very large resources are required to find haha!!!

This would look amazing

This channel is basically the definition of city lights