City Lights

Hi everyone!

I went to India for holidays and I came back home 3 days ago. I flew an A333 (it was a night flight) and I did not sleep one minute. I was just looking outside, looking at these beautiful unknown city lights (over Turkmenistan, Iran…).

Check this:

Would it not be great to have this on IF? I would love to reduce screen luminosity, turn on integrated or flood cockpit lighting and admire these city lights… Or simply take the wing view and see it…

I am not asking for something very detailed, just some nice lights over the big cities!

What do you think? :)



Certainly something for the future… I like it


Yes this would be nice!

Good stop-gap for the lack of 3D buildings.


This is one thing I loved about X-Plane when I used to have that on PC; the lighting on the ground when flying above was awesome. Would definitely be great to see it in the future of IF :)


This is a good idea! I don’t see why not.


Thanks for your replies!

By the way, I also noticed something else: when flying during night time, in real life, you can’t see the Wing - just the strobes and the reflection of the beacon on the winglets!

On IF, we can still see the wings - would be great if we could just see the lights.

I can of course reduce luminosity during night time. I do it when I am on the runway - if I reduce it at the parking, it would be impossible to taxi as there are no lights in the airport!

Would be great if we could add all these!


Well since we have no clouds in IF I just pretend that the moon shines down on earth eluminating the aircraft😆


Oh yes @thisisgraham
This Is something I still love on Xplane :))

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That’s a Good Idea. Btw That Flightreport reminds me when I was inbound to Go Home from HK via China Airlines’s A333 😀. I was looking to Hong Kong View from Chek Lap Kok 😅 and It was Absolutely Amazing

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It was awesome to see just a white and red light and not the entire Wing… I love the wing design of the A332/333’s…

You know that it’s 3AM.
You know everyone is sleeping.
You know you are over a coutry few people have the chance to visit (Iran, Turkmenistan…etc.)
You just can see these lights…coming and going…
And you know that your A330’s engine is doing a good job and in few hours you will be in Europe and everything will be finished.
You would have seen something beautiful this night…something you won’t have the chance to see everyday.
You come back home and ask yourself this question: When will I fly back? :))


Yeah, Not many people wants to Travel to there (Except UAE, Saudi Arabia, or Qatar) Cause Political Unrest on there. To be honest, Arabian Buildings are Beautiful tho with Palm Trees or etc 😊


Yes, you are right!

When I hear about Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan…etc. I always feel that it’s a ‘mysterious’ country, I don’t really know what we can find there… :))


Crazy feeling now when I think about me flying over Syria in 2012 with EK. When I’m over the ocean I have the same feeling. I’m up in the air, safe and cozy at FL300+ and down below me is the rough, cold sea with hungry sharks 😁


But sadly, The Political Situation on there isnt stable. That’s why (CMIIW) Due to Political Unrest, Many Refugees went outside Iran (In This Case, They went to Europe) and It makes a Huge Mass that full with Refugees. And Countries like Iran and Turkmenistan have a lot of Oil and Many Countries are Racing to Make The Oil Factory that makes several Citizens on there feel annoyed

Yes, this Is so true…

But at FL340, during night time, we won’t see/feel the problems below us… We won’t know what is happening below… We just can see the cities coming and going…one by one.


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I always feel a bit sad when overfyling such regions.


I would feel the same way like you if My Plane is Flying above Syria 😨😨😱😱… or Gaza Strip

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Which City :)

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New Delhi!


I would be satisfied if their were no Terminals and city lights, and be actual large buildings

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