City hopping, busy day!

Yesterday, I did a multiple leg flight, IAD-JFK-MIA on a JetBlue A320, registered N794JB, on the expert server. Once I had competed this, I left my current aircraft, as it would be out of service until the morning, where another pilot would fly it back to JFK. The rest wasn’t long, I ran down the terminal to my deadheading e190 to JFK. I would rest at JFK overnight, as I had another busy day ahead of me.
Without further ado, here are some photographs.


Good ol’ Canarsie approach into Kennedy!

Departing JFK parallel to an arrival!

Sunset arrival into Miami!


Have a nice day :)


i’ll be flying that a320 back to JFK 😉

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Nice photos! I like how you included the deadheading.

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Should’ve been with a KLM Embraer.

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This is the United States lol

So what? Go to Europe.

Chill lol , I’ll consider it, although I usually prefer jetblue. I I may try flying on the jetblue a321 across the pond.

Does anyone thing these are good loading screen candidates?