City_Flyer’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Welcome to City_Flyer’s ATC Thread

Not planning on joining IFATC but want to brush up on my ATC skills.

Please only use “Remaining in the Pattern”



Airport :

Server :

INFORMATION: RUNWAY R and L are in use. I kindly ask please no trolling.


I could change the airport if any one wants me to (:

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Sorry know I know the difference between right downwind and right base.


18:16:36: Transition is too high at 12,000 ft. Transition should be given at 1000 feet above pattern altitude (1500ft AAL). For EDDB, an airport with a pattern altitude of 1654 feet, you’d want to give a transition that ensures 1000 feet of separation with aircraft at 1600/1700 ft. 3000 would be the best transition, because you need to round up the nearest 500. Rounding down would not meet the needed separation.
18:17:41: Unnecessary to ask me to say intentions
18:20:57: Unnecessary slowest practical speed command, and one that I am unable to comply with as I am at 12,000 feet and descending.
18:22:07: Slow response time to my 2nd inbound call, but good pattern entry.
18:22:28: No slowest practical!
18:23:47: Unnecessary “enter right base”. I already have a pattern entry (you told me to enter right downwind). Instead you should be clearing me.
Late clearance, as I was on base.

Thanks for the controlling!

One last thing - I don’t believe that you are meant to make a tracking thread unless you are wanting to become IFATC.

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Okay thank you for the feedback!

Good day everyone I’m know closed.

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Hello, I saw that your thread says open but there’s no post for any details?


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There is it was PHNL. Info at top. Anyways doesn’t matter im know closed.

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Feedback, N1EC:

  • Transition altitude was perfect.
  • [07:46:54] You instructed me to enter left base and then right base (both incorrect, should have been a downwind pattern entry) 08R while I was transitioning the airspace. You need to wait until I call inbound to issue me a pattern entry, sequence (if needed) and a clearance.
  • [07:56:20] You instructed me to enter right base runway 08R. First of all the pattern
  • [07:57:01] Immediate takeoff for Delta 911 was not needed.
  • [07:58:38] Adjust speed for Delta 911 wasn’t needed. Trust the pilots, don’t over control.
  • [07:58:40] Incorrect sequence for Delta 911. They should have been following traffic on right downwind, not right base.
  • [07:58:56] On the pattern after my first touch and go, the traffic direction after clearance was not needed as you previously instructed to make right traffic when I called inbound. Same thing with Delta 911. You included the traffic direction in his takeoff clearance.
  • [08:04:26] You didn’t give me an exit runway command, only “please expedite”.
  • You caught the G/A conflict which is good.

No other issues.

Things to improve on for the next session:

Basics of pattern work: Sequences, clearances and inbounds.

You can review these topics on the ATC manual I linked below and I suggest you to take a look at the Infinite Flight YouTube channel, especially the “perfect ATC test” video.

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Thank you very much I will definitely check those videos out!

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