Citrus 626 for ATC Playground

Tried ATC playground for the first time this evening and wound up really enjoying it! There were still some knuckle heads on there, but not NEARLY as many on the unlimited one. For ATC practise you guys at Infinite Flight are a first class operation! Thank you very much and I hope I didn’t make too many mistakes on my first try! Lol


Ugh, yes there are peanuts everywhere on playground. And I’m sure it’s gotten worse while I’ve been gone. Anyway, great first try and practice makes perfect! Also make sure you aren’t doing anything incorrectly by going to the tutorials here on the community and on the IF website.


I was on ATC playground this morning and was on approach to Palm Springs when I had to execute a go around because an Airbus came out onto the runway right as I was about to cross the threshold. That was bad enough, but as I went around, the controller had me turn base when I was still on top of the runway and I had to chop power and drop full flaps just to slow down in time to avoid overshooting the runway! I guess I should have extended my downwind leg a bit…I don’t know.😆

Please do post whenever you’re controlling as I would love to do some patterns whilst your tower :)

I wasn’t trying to be obnoxious or anything. I didn’t realize how far behind me the airport was when the command came in. I was just doing what I was told and when I got turned around it shocked me how close the runway was.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have the juevos to swap positions with you guys!😆

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Awesome that you enjoy the ATC experience! There are always peanuts on PG, but work up a little more XP and keep your violations down, and you’re ready to join the ranks of the Advanced pilots! :) I’d love to control you!

Thank you! I’m still learning and any violations I can assure you are completely accidental.

I take this very seriously and my sole intention is to obey any ATC instructions.

I do have one question though. My flight stats aren’t updating. I’m missing 3 flights from my total. Is there a reason for this?

If only you’ve been there 3 months ago, when there was a minimum requirement for entry. There was a whole different world: good pilots + lots of ATC.

Now I see people with XP=30 (thirty decimal zero zero), literally on their first flight, using the Playground server.

I don’t know if you were controlling in the SoCal region just now, but I was just reprimanded for not following instructions on an approach. My child distracted me and I wanted to apologize for the error. It won’t happen again.

Wow! Really? I’ve got just over 15,000 and I only got on the playground a couple days ago!

I’m still a little rough around the edges, but I’m learning quickly! I think I have the Cessna 208 nailed except for cross wind landings. Those still need alot of work!😆😆😆😆😆

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