Citilink expands services into Australia

Citilink Indonesia has announced today that they will commence flights into Avalon Airport (YMAV), starting two weeks from today on the 24th of January. The flights will be operated by an A320neo, with the inbound flight arriving at 8:50am AEDT, and departing at 12:50pm. More on it here:

What do y’all think? I personally didn’t think Citilink would delve into the Bali to East Coast Australia market, but this comes as surprising, but great news. It is Avalon’s second international service, and will be great for the airport to have this service.


Good to see citilink expanding their routes

Wow, didn’t expect this. Australia to Asia has grown a ton in the past few years. That’s pretty ambitious for CitiLink to announce a route two weeks before starting it…

Vietjet is also planning Ho Chi Minh City to Avalon by the second half of 2020, so there’s going to be 3 Asian destinations.

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I wasn’t expecting this when I first heard it, however it’s great news for Avalon!

Vietjet is flying to Australia? I never saw this day coming. And announcing a route two weeks in advance shows just how much demand their must be.

They were supposed to launch Brisbane in Spring 2019 but looks like that didn’t go through.

Avalon’s a great alternative to Melbourne though, assuming AVV likely gave incentives and reduced costs for new service.

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Nice to see Avalon growing in terms of intl service. Maybe when the route stabilisez we’ll see the A330neo there

Considering how Garuda (Citilink’s parent company) loves to announce new routes or cancel routes at last minute, it’s not surprising that Citilink follows the suit. They really need to learn on how to promote their routes better

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