Citilink Airbus A320-200


Really love it! I want to fly from jakarta to jeddah with the livery

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I went on Citilink when I lived in Bali for a visa run, and I liked it. I would like to fly it in Infinite Flight.


This would be so cool to fly from Denpasar to Dili. Timor Leste gets so little flights.


Oh boy, this would be so good! I absolutely love this livery! Btw @anon31652286, doesn’t Air North fly there?


Beautiful livery, it’s something different :)

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Yeah, Airnorth flies ERJ-170s there from Darwin.


This topic request is starting to age, eh?

Our huge Indonesian community would love to have the devs check this out and consider implementing the livery in future updates! Of course: take your time, devs! We’ll support y’all through cups of coffee ;)

Personally, I fancy green colors and Citilink has definitely caught my eyes–in a positive way.
Would certainly be willing to soar the skies of IF with this beauty.


If this livery is there on Infinite Flight someday. Then this will be a surprise for people from Indonesia. Because they have been waiting for the presence of this livery for more than 2 years. Really love to see that livery

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Giving this a bumb love this one