Citilink Airbus A320-200


Would love to see this livery in Infinite Flight
Picture isn’t mine, Credits tomahmudy
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Overview list of missing Airline liveries in Infinite Flight
CitiLink Airbus A320-200

I really like the green. It would add more freshness to IF! The Garuda Indonesia livery is beautiful, the green added to it (Citilink) makes it look spectacular!


Indeed, I like Citilink livery as much as I like Garuda livery ;)


Lovely colour, I like this green livery. Would be good friends with another green liveries.


Both are Great and lovely In my opinion ;)


yeah hope we flew at soon @ Infinite Flight


So beautiful


Very nice livery, honestly one of the nicest A320 liveries.


Very nice, I like the unique colors.


Indeed! That Garuda tail + Green colour blended perfectly!


The more liveries the better!.. right?


Yup, I would like to see more A320 liveries ;)


I love the green!


Nice livery!


I love super green


Me too! Citilink’s livery is really a beauty!


Hope it gets added


Me too, Imo if Batik can be added to A320’s, then why Citilink can’t? :)


I definitely support this!


Really love it 😍😍 beautiful green livery