Citation X

Is the Citation X bugged ? When you go to FL410 or above, the plane moves violently and it starts to lose speed. I had to quit my flight.

It’s possible that the winds were too much for the plane at FL410. Since the max altitude is FL510 I don’t believe it’s a problem caused due to going higher than it can. Did you check to see what the wind speeds were as you went higher? I have this problem before and when it starts happening I just lower my altitude.

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Hi winds were @66 kts at the time.

What is your weight? Because I was at 25% on the Citation and I got to FL510

Great question, don’t remember. I know i was light. 7 pax, 5hrs of fuel MMUN TO KPHX.

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alright, one thing I should say is: The Maximum height of the plane can go is FL510, that does not mean that you should go that high, even to FL410, sometimes, staying low is the way to go

but not all the time

Do you remember how long it was in your flight until you went up to FL410?

25 mins i believe.

My vertical speed was between 2500 and 2800.

That might explain it. Even though you were light you should typically step climb. Like @FLIGHT2 said staying low is better sometimes.

Maybe, i will give it another try. Hey guys, thanks for all of your responses.

No problem. And good luck should you do it again.