Citation X: The King of Speed

Thanks to @DeerCrusher for the link. The Citation is one of my favorite planes to fly on IF. This article does a great job at giving a look at what it’s like to fly one (at FL 510 no less!)


Great article thanks for the post!

I love the Citation X too. Had the privilege to fly in one a few years ago. Quiet and solid too, not to mention that performance!
On IF, the flight physics could use some work but it is still a gas to fly at any altitude. I was very impressed to see how IF devs now seem to handle high altitude flight more realistically with KIAS vs KTAS now.

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Yep I tried but couldn’t cruise anywhere higher than FL450 - unless I’m doing something wrong.

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Same here… I think with the drag coefficient you need attempt those altitudes with a good bit of speed as the thrust drops off dramatically past FL380

You are correct. I’m currently cruising cross America at FL410. After having to descend from 450. Shame the model isn’t accurate in IF yet!!

LOL, I only discovered this last night…!

No way! Really? What’s the range on a full load of fuel

From the article:

From FL510 the curvature of the Earth is clearly visible, making one feel more like an astronaut than a pilot. Typically, FL510 is reserved for longer-range flights to get every mile out of the Citation X+’s 3,300-plus nm range. At FL510 we experienced fuel burns as low as 1,380 pph (about 205 gph) at a cruise speed of 475 KTAS and a Mach of 0.845. Down lower, at a more typical cruising altitude of FL410, the Citation X+ will do about 525 KTAS burning 2,457 pph (367 gph) of fuel.


How much did the plane weigh? The Citation requires a step climb to FL50.

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Ah there we go, that is what I was doing wrong, I will try again. Thanks.

Yep! Doing it one step (2000 ft) at a time whenever my weight was low enough made it possible. Check it out.


@epaga I managed to get as high as FL510 too, but I don’t think 95% N1 to keep Mach 0.85 is normal. I thought it should fly Mach 0.91 at 51000ft with some reasonable amount of thrust.

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Not sure about that, I think a lot of it really depends on how much fuel you have left in the tank and what your weight is

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Very interesting article! Never thought the citation could fly that high. Thank you for sharing with us @epaga


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I had a field trip with my school to an MRO facility that services Bell and Cessna, the citation looks really beautiful.

It was there for some repair of the nose cone, the maintenance manager said something really small hit the aircraft traveling at mach .9 above and due to the speed, the damage to the nose was significant but still maintained its structure.

It was kinda impressive xD just felt that for its size, the luxury and speed it provides just seems amazing.

It was in Solo. I was at 10% load :/

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