Citation X removed

I posted how I payed for the citation x and it got removed and how I didn’t get any compensation for it. When other planes were updated I was still able to use the aircraft but with this new aircraft I can not … will there be any compensation for this I spent money on a plane I can’t even use now very disappointed I have been a long time support and did not expect this

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They mentioned back when the CL35 was announced it was coming to the game back in October that the CL35 was going to be removed. You’ve had the old Citation X for around 10 years now. We finally got an upgrade. There should be no need to compensate you whenever the plane was like $2 and you’ve had it for like 10 years. Also, please quit making more topics. Continue replying in your original topic please.

It was 5 and I still payed money for something when they updated planes they usually let you use the new one once you payed for the old one

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You see, the Citation was outdated and removed, with other aircraft, they were only updated, not removed, hence why you can still fly those, but this was replaced. So it is almost 0% chance you will get anything in regards to the compensation. Think of it this way, if you have a pay for a membership to something, like a gym or a theme park and they suddenly close, you would get no compensation, why is this different?

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They mentioned in this post that the Citation X would be replaced by the CL35

I used to pay for regions in IF before global. I was never compensated for like $15 I spent on regions. They changed how the game works now. You had a good couple of years using the plane and now it’s time to move onto something new.

Not really if the gym closes and you still have credit you can get your money back so

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This ain’t the gym. This is Infinite Flight.

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Just very disappointed by this I used this aircraft a lot which I payed for so kind of upset

Do you have a pro subscription?

Nope they still have the regions I payed for so and they expanded it as well

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You took it slightly too literally. But I have never been to a gym with credit, just a subscription. But you kinda get my point, products come and go, this is life of a consumer.

They do for non-pro users.

No but you get mine as well I hope once you pay for something you can get a refund I don’t even have pro cuz I spent so much money on the game before pro came out I invested alot and I just feel let down by this change

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We certainly appreciate this purchase and hope you’ve had lots of enjoyment in that aircraft over the years. Unfortunately some older legacy aircraft may not be supported, and will be phased out as they are replaced one for one, in this case being with the Challenger 350.

One side effect of updating a single app over 10+ years is having to make the tough decision to phase out old content and regularly assess what we can support into the future.

The Citation X is no longer available to any user, regardless of purchase. Infinite Flight currently aims towards providing a subscription-only service, meaning the in-app payments for individual aircraft are being slowly phased out in place for the subscription (minus some free trial aircraft). Thanks for understanding. :)