Citation X go brrrrrrr

So I am a true private jet lover, especially netjets. I’m really sad that the citation X will be leaving us shortly because I really enjoy how it flies, for example I flew from MMSD-TXKF in only a couple hours at 49,000 ft and M .90. Anyways, moving on

Mini-mod repellent

Aircraft: Citation X
Flight time: idk

Picture 1, getting everything ready for the day ahead. Fun fact, my dad flew a very similar plane to this, for the same airline, at the same ramp, yesterday.

Climbing out of KCRQ, another thing I love about this plane is that I can climb at 5,000 fpm and no one can stop me

Picture 3, greasing it in MZBZ

Picture 4, nice takeoff headed to KOGA, I don’t think many people know this plane has an interior.

Picture 5, absolutely stunning scenery over the cayes

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10, another greasy landing in super exciting Nebraska

For some reason the last two got messed up but whatever.

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Alrighty thanks for viewing!


Mood lol. Great photos tho!


Thank you!

Well played lol

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I love myself some good ol’ mini mod repellent :D

Lovely photos!

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They are all my favorite!

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haha yep always gotta watch out lmao

except for the one in nebraska 💀

thank you!