Citation X Cessna

What’s altitude cessna can climb without losing airspeed…?
And can a Citation X fly from KLAX to EGLL straight?

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Hey. It has a max service ceiling of FL510 51000ft. As for LAX-LHR in real life no its too far in IF I’m guessing its too far as well.

But it’s losing airspeed…

and what’s cruise altitude?

You loose airspeed above 28000. That’s completely normal

It depends on a bunch of factors: your weight, the weather and all that jazz. Service ceilings are just the heights beyond which the plane isn’t meant to be, it doesn’t mean you should push it to the limit

Yeah. In IF I cruise around 43 or 45000 ft. Its hard to get it to 51000ft.

Yeah i know ^^

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Copy! Let’me set a 45.000 ft into my A/P

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CCX needs a rework. You can’t climb to 45,000 immediately on a flight like that. I would suggest cruising in the 30s first.

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If you want fuel economy you need to stay below FL400 because of its weird flight physics. And LAX-LHR is totally possible as long as you don’t go too high or fast.

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Actually, due to the air density change, Indicate airspeed will decrease on most aircraft while climbing. However, it is not accurate to say the aircraft is losing speed. The True Airspeed and ground speed is still increasing.

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