Citation X autopilot issue

I’m currently flying to Sochi from Hyderabad on a Citation X. I’m climbing to FL470, and the autopilot is violently shifting my plane from side to side, and it’s getting worse and worse. Please help fast!

Whats your speed?

About 460 kts

what mach speed is that?

It’s Mach 0.79

What is the wind like? The weather is currently not working and it may be whats causing it to do this.

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Yea that might be it but the wind is at 10 kts

I don’t know what to do;(

It sounds like your plane tries to follow your flight plan, and when it is trying to correct itself, it moves further away from your fpl

I ended up quitting the flight:(

Well, the issue is that you climbed too high. If you climb high with a certain weight, that happens. You should plan step climbs with to prevent this from happening.


Isn’t FL470 too high? The Citation cruises at around FL430. Not to mention that You have to step climb to that altitude, because of the weight.

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top cruise is FL510

Top cruise is not the optimum cruise. FL430 is the best for the a Citation X.

ik, anywhere from FL410 to FL450 is best for the CCX, but the top cruise is FL510

The autopilot is better than what it were, but still these things do happen

Share the replay so I can look :)

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