Citation V Flight to KSJC Video

Hopped on a last minute flight yesterday in the Citation from a small uncontrolled airport called Marina and flew to San Jose. You can’t see in the photos but half of Marina was IFR. The south western end of the airport was covered in a thin and very low layer of fog and about halfway through the airport the fog burned and the north east side was clear. It made the approach into Marina pretty fun.

Since this was such a last minute flight and short flight, I didn’t really know what to do during the flight other than do a little filming. I threw together a little edit from the flight and some photos as well. Here they are.

Video (0:23 duration)

Filmed and photographed on a Canon 5D II w/ 24-105 f/4L.


Wow, that would be real cool…

Great video! I really liked it.

@BigBert10 someone paid your home airport a visit

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Got the private jet, nice.

Just like I thought.

KSJC = BigBert10

Those mountains look pretty cool as well in the last pic.

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Thanks that 20 second video took me over 2 hours to make. Glad you liked it!


What was the occasion for the flight?

Reposition for maintenance at SJC

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This aircraft is very beautiful, well asked for IF lol !!

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