Citation Excel Experience

Hi everyone,

I recently got the privilege to fly in a Cessna Citation Excel! This was my first (and probably only time) flying in a private jet. I thought I’d share a few pictures with you!

The Citation is really fast. Probably the fastest takeoff roll in a jet I’ve ever experienced. Those little Pratt and Whitney engines put you back in your seat! Here we are about to level off at FL 270.

For @Deercrusher, we have an American Eagle CRJ-200 touching down at KLEX. (I know it’s no ERJ-145, but it looks great in your livery.)

A Delta Connection CRJ waiting for us to pass. Notice the upped quality in my shots here? I finally got a Canon! I can’t remember the model, I’ll have to look later.

Here’s another head-on shot of that Delta Connection CRJ.

After we landed. A wonderful plane!

A Delta Maddog! My favorite!

I did manage to get an engine shot. Just had to go to the lavatory to get it!

This was a wonderful experience! Hope you enjoyed the photos! I have more, but I’ll have to transfer them to my computer later. I’ll update this thread soon!


Nice pictures man! I’d love to fly in a private jet like that one day! Those CRJ’s look amazing ;).

Nikon for life ;)


Thanks! It was a great experience! It was my Dad’s old camera, so I have no idea how to use all of the different settings properly.

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Awesome pictures and awesome experiences to share aswell, Sam! Thanks for sharing it with us and I’m looking forward for more topics like this ❤


Yea, it took me a while to learn the settings on my camera, but out of like the 15 you see, you’ll literally use like three. You can PM if you need any help or have questions :).

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Thanks for sharing this amazing experience! The Cessna Citation Excel/XLS/XLS+ is my favorite private jet! Btw awesome Delta pic too! How comfortable was the cabin for a midsize cabin private jet?

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What was the route flown

It was really nice! The seats were really comfortable and could swivel/move around. It had nice fabric surrounding the ceiling and walls.

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KGSH - KLEX, round trip.

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Sweet. Private jets are fun to ride in

I love those Delta Connection ERJ’s, can’t tell exactly why. Did you get this awesome opportunity through work? Or a personal contact? That picture at FL270 is excellent.


Cool! I hope you have some cockpit photos.

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Thanks for, you know, actually flying in a private jet and not having to lie about it. :)

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Nice pics :) Especially love the CRJ’s. They are probably my favorite regional aircraft including the erj 175 lol.

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I wish it was through work! It was a personal event and some friends of ours generously sent us and a few others we know. I’m very grateful!

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I used to live near KLEX!

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KLEX is my home airport!!!

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