Cirrus Unveils Generation 2 SF50 Vision Jet

Minnesota’s Cirrus Aircraft has unveiled a new and improved version of their very popular SF50 Vision Jet. Named the G2 Vision Jet, it now has:

  • Auto throttle
  • New Garmin Perspective flight deck
  • A maximum altitude increase up to 31000
  • Improved performance of the single Williams jet engine

The new altittude increase also puts it in RSVM airpace now, where seperation has to be only 1000, and the improved engine has added in 100nm extra to the range.

Personally I think this is wonderful and a good improvment to the already great and popular Vision Jet, which will make the new varient even better, let me know your thoughts in the comments. :)


Oh, I love this aircraft. Fly it so much kn XPlane…


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