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Hello everyone I just noticed that the Sr22 in IF has different names for itself.
image image image
This only matters to me because different Cirrus Aircraft have different performance. I was just asking what type of Cirrus is this so I know limitations?


The plane is reasonably old, so I think it may be what it shows in the weight and balance menu. But I have noticed this, but never realised there was a difference between the models


There are some differences between them.

From prior research it is the Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo.

So it can go up to flight level 250 and do all the other performance things that I’ve seen when I look it up?

@Nightstalker. MaxSez: Series or model number extensions or numbering changes indicate upgrades, performance enhancements , avionics or engine upgrades etc. Not unusual. The difference in performance or add on’s by model are really available on the Web.
Google is your friend!
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I know where to find most of them it’s just with IF physics I don’t want to do something that won’t work it a Aircraft I’m uncertain about.

@Nightstalker. MaxSez: IF physic’s for the newer IF inventory aircraft are spot on. Find a flaw reveal it on the Forum, the Duty Experts are watching. Remember their are snakes on this plane, Trust by Varify.
Google is your friend.
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It’s hard to verify if no one really knows.

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