Cirrus SR22 Rework

SR-22 G7
Maybe we could get a SR-22 rework between the Max and Neo

Infinite Flight really could use this we already have the 172 reworked and the 208 is coming soon it would be amazing to get a higher quality version of the best selling piston aircraft of the decade


Bumping this, needed indeed!


If we got this in IF I would be flying it all the time, Don’t get me wrong I love general aviation, but I mostly like commercial in Infinite Flight sometimes occasionally I’ll fly the Cessna or the Xcub but they are so darn slow Meanwhile, the SR 22T G7 has a max speed 183 Knots at a max altitude of 25,000 FT with a range of up to 1021nm this is the perfect GA plane for high temperature and high altitude areas and is used by the Emirates Flight Academy for this reason

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