Cirrus SR22 Rework

SR22 should be a flagship plane of Cirrus.

Can someone tell me what what of sr22 is in the game. Live flight says it’s the gts but IF says it’s just ther sr22?

very well made post. I do like the idea, but sadly I believe that the amount of Projects aside from this one is way to high to see this in the near future.

Bumping this up! Today while flying the SR22 I thought wouldn’t it be great if it was up to Xcub standards?

Imagine that🤯

Even including this beautiful Emirates livery! It’s for their Training Academy. I have made a #features Topic for that. 👇


It’s an awesome plane. Don’t forgot to vote everyone!

Although the Cirrus SR22 has a cockpit view and some few liveries, the cockpit details needed to be updated with working instruments, pilots, and more liveries. Its flight physics should also be updated as well.

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Yea I agree

Late response but the parachute is what makes cirrus unique. It gives it well…A Parachute

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I certainly agree, thanks for the support!

Wouldn’t it be great to fly into EAA 2019 with a fully reworked up to date aircraft in the sim! The SR22 would be my choice!

I love this plane so much. I fly the 2017 Cirrus SR22 G6 in real life. Seeing a rework of this plane would be so amazing.

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We also need more liveries for the SR22 as well just like the other GA aircraft included in Infinite Flight.

Why would Emirates be categorized under “Military/Law Enforcement”?

I Agree i would need Cockpit lights,live cockpit

Is it just me or do I get a terrible field of view when I’m looking out of the aircraft in cockpit view. I can barely see anything


Considering the SR22 in game at the moment is the G3, and the most current versions are the G6 (GTS/Turbo/Xi) it does really need improving.


I want the doors to open.

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Maybe more liverys like blue livery.