Cirrus sr22 overturns while taxiing

As cirrus isn’t the most popular aircraft in the sim, I suppose not many of you have experienced this issue, but still… It often (not always but really often) overturns while taxiingon the ground:


the heavier the aircraft is and the stronger the wind is - the more probability that it happens. But even with light weight (no passengers and half fuel) it may overturn for example when you try to stop after being taxing let’s say at 15-20 kts. I also tried to play with trimmer, setting it to -100 while taxing, but it didn’t help a lot.

As for me, I enjoy flying GA aircrafts and do this quite often, so I experience this twice a week for sure. Any suggestions?

You should slow down to 10 knots or less when turning. :)


Yep, but it happens not only in turns, but while I’m taxing straight also. You start taxiing, then press brakes, stop, the aircraft swings couple of times and finally slowly overturnes on the tail

Slow down there is no need to taxi any aircraft at 20 kts.


Thank you for contacting support. When taxiing on the ground ensure you’re using light inputs on the rudder and maintaining at or below 10kts. Wind will also greatly affect the smaller GAs.

Many apply the above techniques with little to no issue, though very common that your smaller aircraft will have a greater response to wind and such. That being said, we always look to improve our flight models and will certainly give this one some love as well in the future.




As for your question on how to help. Uncouple alerions to the rudder make small rudder inputs for steering. Don’t taxi in winds exceeding 30 KTS or 5 if you don’t know the correct control inputs. Taxi at 5-10 KTS. Have fun :)