Cirrus SR22 G6 Xi


What are your opnions on this Cirrus SR22 G6 Xi?

Do you light the paint scheme?
Do you like the fact that its a Cirrus?
Any other opinions on the Cirrus SR22 Series in general?
Opinions on Spectra Wingtip Lighting?

We where sent these photos by Cirrus Sales, I would of placed these in Spotting but I didn’t actually take them so, I think it belongs here, feel free to move it to another category if need be.


This little bad boy is just beautiful. 🔥


Cheers mate!

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I really do love the pictures too, did you take them? They are awesome!

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They weren’t taken by me, I’ll find the name of who did, but they where took in Knoxville, just before it is due to fly over to the UK.

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N78MC is currently in Iqaluit, Canada, preparing to make the hop to Greenland.

Making its way over the Atlantic.


Very nice pictures. It’s a great lightweight aircraft. :D

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Now that is a pretty bird. Makes the ones I fly (which aren’t even that ugly) look shameful.

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Hahah, cheers, apparentley she has got a few compliments on the paint scheme!

Is the gal whose flying it name Sarah?

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Michael Wright I think, but I think I know who Sarah is (@cirrussarah on Insta?)

Daym, that’s one sleek plane… 😍 I love it!

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image image

Is now in EGBJ.

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image image image


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