Cirrus SR20


The Cirrus SR20 is a Single engined fixed gear, four seat aircraft produced by Cirrus Aircraft. Being certified in 1998, and production starting in 1999. It’s had 1,459+ delivery’s since production started. It was also the first GA aircraft to be equipped with parachute (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, aka CAPS)

  • Wingspan of 38 ft 4 in
  • Length of 26 ft
  • Height 8 ft 11 in
  • 215 Horsepower
  • Max Cruising speed of 155 ktas
  • Max Cruising Altitude of 17,500 feet
  • Range of 709nm
  • Useful Load of 1028 lbs

Operators Fleet Size
Civil Aviation Flight University of China 40
Aerosim Flight Academy 34
Western Michigan University 29
Lufthansa Flight Training 25
Purdue University 16
French Air Force and Navy Academies 16
USAF Academy 25

Why I believe we need this in IF!

This is such a magnificent aircraft. I’d love to fly all across the world, from my home state, to the Alps!

Why should we have this over a SR22T or just a regular SR22?

You got my vote! @MSPSpotter

I flew one a month or two ago during a lesson! Sweet plane 👍