Cirrus SR20 landing bug

I flew the SR20 just now and the landing went horribly wrong. The nose gear got stuck in the ground, causing my plane to ground loop. However, I later watched the replay and found that I touched down smoothly on the main gears. I also didn’t apply any down pressure on the stick after touchdown. I think it’s just bad physics.
Can one of you take note of this and fix it?

This happened to me too, It’s just the old physics of the plane.

Agreed. I dunno why they didn’t fix it.

Yes, it’s just old physics…no topic is needed.

If you’d like, vote for the feature request, and if you’d like us to check out the replay, share it with

Im guessing its a scenery problem try clearing the scenery cache

No. Physics problem.

I’ve experienced this as well. What I think it comes down to is that the SR20 is very sensitive to nose wheel inputs when landing. A small adjustment can spin the plane.

What works for me is to land on the main gear and then use just a little back pressure to hold that pitch attitude and keep the nose off the ground as long as I can.

I did… I don’t know why that happened

Could you share a replay? I’ve never had this happen before and I fly that aircraft quite frequently.

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