Cirrus SF50 "Vision Jet"

I’ve flown it , a amazing and unique aircraft


Awesome idea and I would cote if I had enough, but the SF50 is not exactly between the Citation X and Caravan. The Caravan is much larger than the vision jet. It would be more like between 172 and Caravan😄

This plane takes the term “light aircraft” to a whole different level. Never flown it irl but on other simulators the controls seem super sensitive to every slight touch. If it does come to IF I hope that’s something we improve on

Found another cool livery for this one


Looks like Mike Wazowski’s (Monsters Inc) Aircraft


The funniest thing I have seen today!

But it is a cool aircraft I can never understand why they made it with red rims. It makes me only want the red livery.

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Hell yeah I love the Vision Jet, I do enjoy flying it on XPlane10 But if it’ll be in IF thats huge

I used to fly that thing in XPlane 10 in random places

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Its such a nice small plane I love it


I definitely want to see it in the sim, sadly I don’t have more votes :(

A bit of a bump but, Either this or the king air 350i would be awesome!

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I flew this in X-plane 10.

Wait wait… why this awesome jet doesn’t get attention?



I totally would too! That’s great!

Also known as a Vtail Jet

Agreed! This is my go-to on XPlane Mobile. I only had the free aircraft due to not willing to spend on anything yet. I’m currently the same way with IF but intend on changing that sometime in the future.

This jet is very unique! The single top mounted engine just looks cool!

Credit: SOLD: 2017 CIRRUS SF50 Vision Jet (N993KG) | Lone Mountain Aircraft

You got my vote! Really love that plane and hope to come İnfinite Flight soon 😍