Cirrus poll.

Continuing the discussion from Parachutes on Aircraft:

Would you all be interested in having the parachute added to the Cirrus plane in infinite flight? (Poll will close in 48 hours from the posting of this poll)



  • duh! It’d add so much realism!
  • really don’t care if it’s added or not
  • heck no! This is so stupid

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Umm, this kinda looks like a feature request, but it doesn’t at the same time…

I just wanted to get a general feel to see if there’s enough interest to create a feature request if that makes sense, there’s over 6,000 feature requests (including ones that are closed) lol; didn’t want to clog it up more.


I don’t see the FDS heading that direction as that feature is on a totally different boat in terms of stuff and goals they are doin right now.It would be fun to fly tho looking at the balloon and expercing it ,nice to have in the far far future

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I really wish more people thought like you…


Any other reasons you want this added besides realism? I don’t see any uses for parachute. Infinite Flight currently doesn’t have any emergencys and I assume the parachute is for this purpose? So adding in parachutes seems pointless for now.

What about low on fuel? Hence why it’d be used in ‘real life’

What about low fuel? If have have low fuel you just land at the nearest possible airport…

Also what would you do if your aircraft does land onto a runway with a parachute? You would just sit there’s because you have nothing to power the engines to move.

Isn’t there a low fuel ATC command in the game? 🤔 plus I’m thinking mainly about the expert server.

Yes there is a low fuel command, ATC just priorities you.

But you didn’t answer my question, what would happen if you did ran out of fuel and you activate the parachute, and you did glide all the way down to a runway, what could you do? You would just sit there and disrupt traffic. This goes both ways for servers.

You’d end the flight after ‘landing’ so the servers wouldn’t be interrupted; unless you wanted it to be (the atc would use other runways) & have complete realism.

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This should become a thing… except then we’d be full of feature request polls lol.

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I highly doubt ATC is going to shutdown a runway just for a down aircraft in Infinite Flight atleast.

Then I respectfully disagree & kindly say realism (at least in the expert server) should count. If it doesn’t then what’s the point of it? 😉

Please feel free to send me a message to further discuss this as I’d prefer not to clog up this poll because of the two same users replying to each other, lol.

But think about it. In IF no controller would shutdown a airport for one plane. Or atleast I never seen or heard a controller. If it did couldn’t it ben just abused then…? There would constantly be one plane taking off with as little fuel a small possible, but enough to the point where they can declare a fuel emergency, and just come to a busy and get thst airport shutdown. At some point that’s not even going to be realistic and it’s going to be annoying.

I reckon that if you open a feature request you will get a decent response telling you if it would be good.

There are only a couple of things that can happen in a feature request:

  • Feature is closed due to lack of support or…
  • You get like 300 votes and you’re on your way…

I’m guessing you mean runway (instead of airport as most airports have 2 runways or more, at least the busy ones, with rare exceptions like KSAN) I totally understand your opinion too & agree, however couldn’t it be limited to events & if a user abuses it, gets ghosted?

Not exactly true… Not all popular rewuestion get on their way. TThey might have a lot of support but it doesn’t mean there coming to the simulator :)

I say airport because not all airports have more than 1 runways. So if the Devs add in this feature they would also put in additional work to have a system log everytime they declare a emergency right? Who’s going to monitor these logs? Moderators already have a lot on there plate.

I agree on your opinion, but also stand by mine. I agree to disagree, but completely understand & actually agree with you too. Hope that makes sense.

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