Cirrus clouds

After the update, I wondered why the clouds promised in the update didn’t show up after several flights. Now I realized that the cloud settings need to be adjusted manually. What settings do you use for clouds to make them look as realistic as possible?


The cloud settings can be adjusted to you specific liking, but I would recommend using a medium setting if you want a good mix of clouds and clear skies.

Hope I could help!

well, there are only 2 settings, the height, and layer.
you can adjust them as you like.
but I have it at 30,000ft scattered
its a good mix of clouds and also being able to enjoy the scenery below

Yep, that looks good in the simulator. Shame that they don’t update according to weather conditions in real-time.

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Don’t quote me but I think I heard somewhere that this is a planned feature and will come at some point.


whenever possible, i look at airport METARs at my departure and arrival points

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