Cirrus - A Personal Look

Cirrus SR20

Cirrus SR22

Big thanks to the friendly people of RexAir Flight & Maintenance Center at Naples Municipal Airport (KAPF) for giving me a close-up look at two beautiful Cirrus aircraft, an SR20 and SR22. The aircraft were in for routine maintenance checks at the time.

Before today, I didn’t know that Cirrus produced two models of this popular aircraft. With a 200hp engine, the SR20 cruises at 150 knots and has a range of 627 miles. With a more powerful 310hp engine, the SR22 can travel 1,207 miles at 211 knots. Both of these aircraft feature the innovative Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS).

The RexAir crew left me with one more helpful piece of information. For US $390-$540,000, Cirrus will build one to my specifications. A guy can dream, right? At least I have the IF version at my fingertips.

(Sorry, I only had time to take a couple of quick pictures. Hopefully, I’ll get more next time.)


I love this airplane, I hope to own a SR22 when I’m older!

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Very detailed description! Makes me more interested in this plane. :)


Planes up on jacks always make me nervous. Awesome pictures though! Those are some pretty Cirrus aircraft. Thanks for sharing

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Wow really cool pictures and nice text content. I hope I will be able to buy or rent the 22 when I get my PPL hopefully this summer.

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Thats It! You can’t beat the Cirrus, one of the best planes ever built!

image image image

Some pics of the SR22GTS G5 :)


Wow, I’m very jealous of you, lucky!


One of my favorite GA planes ever! Definetly would love to fly one!


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