Circumnavigation Tracking Thread

This Thread is Now Moderator approved (Thanks Misha)

Hello Community,
As I’m sure many of you have noticed there has been a lot of activity in #live regarding people circumnavigating the world. As it is really making the category a bit crowded I have created this topic so you can share your previous/present/past experience of circumnavigating the world. Here’s how to format your reply.

Past Journey

If you have done a circumnavigation before then you are free to format your reply however you like ;)

Present or Future Journey

Aircraft/Livery: Eg. Aer Lingus A321
Route: Either a Screenshot or Encoded route (I reccomend
Server: Eg. Expert
Expected Arrival/Departure time At Each Airport (GMT): You may want to use a table for this, especially if you want ATC.
LiveFlight Link: If you are currently in flight, N/A if it is a future journey

Please Refrain from posting multiple formatted replies for the same journey. Thanks.


Did you seek approval from a Moderator to make this thread? Nice idea. :)

No I didn’t. If I should have, please do tell me as I will do so.

I don’t know if I liked this idea. Some people might want to just keep updating on there own thread so they can post multiple updates like me.

If you believe that may be an issue then I can remove the last part…

Yeah I would run it past Mods, only because folk will lose their posts here.

Different people are do it different takes on a world trip, I follow a couple of the ones that interest me while the others I do not. If they were all thrown into here then I would be suck having to scroll through the chaff to find the flares.

I do, however, think this is a good idea for those that are doing a bog standard trip.

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Like @Mags885 said, I think each individual around the world Flight has its own meaning and when someone creates there own thread, I can chose who to follow without scrolling on a main thread


Yea, with posts like these it’s always a great idea to seek Moderation approval before creating this type of topic. Just for future reference. :)

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Moderator Approved

Thanks to Misha for approving this thread.

[For now, whilst we talk about things]


i am currently doing a flight and i departed from jfk yesterday and am currently just past india in
787-8 boeing livery
callsign: C-NAV
server TS
next wpt VTF (over singapore) last waypoint DXB (over dubai)
from jfk the route was: OCK- DXB,-(current)-VTK-SY(SYDNEY)-AA(AUKLAND)- TAF(Fa’a’ā tahiti (second and final refuel stop)- JFK.

Edit – I have a moved TAF as a way point And instead will be stopping in Auckland for my secondary fuel stop as I will reach Tahiti way too late at night in real time
Considering I’m currently in Cruise
The leg time calculator Says it will be a 14 1/2 hour flight at my cruising speed of 0.8 and 9 A says it will be a 14 1/2 hour flight at my cruising speed of 0.89M and somehow I’ll still have 3 1/2 hours of gas left when I get to New York

I mean to be fair, I’m going to update my world Flight on my own thread that I actually put time and effort to in. Nothing against you or the mods, I just don’t like this idea as everyone’s world Flight is different

I’m currently doing that in a Cirrus. Started in Portugal. Now I’m in Thailand.

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