Circumnavigation of the Mediterranean Sea

A little while ago I completed my circumnavigation of the Mediterranean Sea. I left Ismailia, Egypt (HE44) on November 13 flying west along the north coast of Africa. The total flight distance around Africa, following the coastlines, was 6583 nM, and total flight time was 53 hours and 27 minutes, landing at 57 different airports. All flights were in GA aircraft and individual flights averaged 55 minutes duration.


That’s actually something I never saw somebody doing! Very interesting! I would love to see some shots


May I ask how much XP you got in the end?

Thanks for the comment. I did a similar circumnavigation tour around Africa last year that was twice as long. (Search for circumnavigation of Africa) It is a great way to explore, and I never know what I am going to see. For this Mediterranean tour I did file some shots in “Screen shots and Videos”. I would link to them, but I don’t know how.

Hi @Alpster. I don’t know how many experience points I earned on the trip. One problem is that I did other flights within the tour, so that would through off the EX count. I also don’t pay much attention to experience points.

Alright, thank you!

Hi, @anon2996007. After I made my reply I realized I could add some shots to this thread. Enjoy.


Wow ! What’s the nearest airport of the pic 1 ? :o

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This is the southern coast of Croatia between LDSP (Split) and LDDP (Ploce).

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