Circumnavigating the world with Southwest Virtual Airlines

Starting on December 27th and ending on January 2nd me, @barrel, @Victor_Gamer04, and @Appalachian_Airlines will Circumnavigate the earth. These flights will bring me like the Hustling and Bustling New York City to the hot Sydney Australia. I’ll only SWVA planes and their codeshares (as myself and @Appalachian_Airlines are apart of SWVA.) I will try my best to post each and everyone of my flights on the IF community page. Try to keep up with the series and I will update as soon as my first flight is finished!!

Here are the flights that will help me accomplish my goal.

JFK-LHR (Virgin 789)
LHR-ADD (Ethiopian A350)
ADD-HKG (Ethiopian Cargo 777F)
HKG-SYD (Virgin Australia 777)
SYD-LAX (Virgin Australia 777)
LAX-MDW (Southwest 737)
MDW-LGA (Southwest 737)

I hope you’re ready because i definitely am!


I will certainly join some of these! As a pilot for SWVA, I love exploring new flight’s


Update for everyone: Lucas has completed the first leg and I am about an hour away from completion. Thanks for supporting this challenge. :D


Update 2: Lucas and I have each completed the second and third legs of the journey!

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