Circumnavigating The World Flight 7/7

Flight 7/7 of the SWVA Circumnav Challenge: WN156; KMDW🇺🇸-KLGA🇺🇸

Parked at Gate B12 at Chicago Midway International Airport for the last flight of the circumnavigation challenge.

Pushback from the gate one more time

As the sun sets on our journey the sun sets as we takeoff for New York

Cruising over Ohio

New York City from above

On final at LaGuardia Airport

Touchdown on Runway 22

Parked at gate 45 next to an American 737

So that’s it. After 8 days the Circumnavigation challenge comes to an end. It was a very fun experience. Thank you to everyone that has viewed or commented on the previous posts. I hope to continue logging my flights like this and maybe even another challenge. Who knows?


How courageous of you…nice pics!!!

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