Circumnavigating The World Flight 3/7

Flight 3/7 of the SWVA Circumnav Challenge: ET3218; HAAB🇪🇹-VHHH🇭🇰

At Bole international with @Appalachian_Airlines and @Mouse1_HEAVY

Just pushed back and ready for taxi

Hong Kong bound!

@Appalachian_Airlines app crashed so it’s just me on final

Had to go around for the second flight in a row due to someone on the runway

On final for the 2nd time and shoutout to this absolute chad who got takeoff clearance and didn’t line up on the runway

Parked at a busy Hong Kong International!

Final Flight Stats:

Aircraft: Boeing 777F (Ethiopian Cargo)
Flight Time: 9:11
Flight Number: ET3218
Fuel Used: 55767kg

First time I’ve had for air traffic control all the way down in forever so that was fun!


Really great pics!

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Awesome pictures and thanks for the shoutout!

@Ethiopian_Virtual check this out


As a pilot with SWVA I’m honored to fly your codeshare routes!


Great pictures and even a photo of one of Chief Captain @Mouse1_HEAVY !

We are happy you enjoyed the flight and the ATC @mwe2187 made it easy to get in/out of VHHH while @LeoC made the descent into VHHH look easy. as the Center Controller

You are always welcome to fly out of our HUB and enjoy our livery. Have a great New Year and keep spreading the LUV!