Circumnavigating The World Flight 2/7

Flight 2/7 of the SWVA Circumnav Challenge: ET701; EGLL🇬🇧-HAAB🇪🇹

Todays flight starts at Gate B44 at London Heathrow

Just chilling with @Emiliano_G_Gomez after pushback

Outbound to Addis abba!

Cruising over the awe inspiring Swiss alps.

Descending over Ethiopia

On final for Runway 07R

Had to go around due to a high approach and a bounce

On final for attempt 2

Landing in Bole International, ending flight 2/7

Parked next to @LaTrixtance at Addis Abba.

Not the smoothest flight ever but a landing you can walk away from is always a good landing

Aircraft: Airbus A350 (Ethiopian Airlines)
Flight Time: 7:21
Flight Number: ET701
Fuel Used: 37655kg



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