Circumnavigating The World Flight 1/7

Flight 1/7 of the SWVA circumnav challenge: VS4; KJFK🇺🇸-EGLL🇬🇧

I was all alone this flight but it was still fun nonetheless!

Todays flight will originate from Terminal 4 Gate 06 at John F Kennedy International Airport.

I’ve just pushed back and finishing up checklists before taxi.

Lining up on Runway 31L

Goodbye New York! I’ll see you again in a week!

Ascending over my home of Long Island.

A beautiful sunset at 39000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean. Our first of 3 major oceans we need to cross.

Descending over the United Kingdom

London Heathrow in sight!

Flying over a bunch of spotters as we enter the runway threshold

Flare and Touchdown with a fairly smooth landing of -116 FPM

We end todays flight at Gate 321 at London Heathrow

Thank you all for reading this is only the beginning as I have 6 more flights to do and many more friends I can fly with.

Final flight stats

Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 (Virgin Atlantic Airways)
Flight Time: 5:45
Flight Number: VS4
Fuel Used: 29948kg

(I’m also not the best at taking photos lol so bear with me)


Nice pics!

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