Circumnavigating The Globe in a TBM-930.

Hey IFC,

I’m planning to do an around the world flight with a Cessna 208 and I’ll be leaving from my home base in KSFO tomorrow. I’m still planning the route that I’ll be taking and what airports I’m stopping at but I have the general idea of where to go in place. The one thing I was wondering is if it’s the best idea to go as a 208 as I’d be down to go as a 172 or TBM-930. I was just wondering what you all thought was the best plane for this was and where the best route over the Pacific was.

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I’d go for the TBM but it’s your choice. Good luck!

Does anyone know what the right way to cross the Pacific? I’d say via the Bering strait but I’m not sure.

By Anchorage I’d say

Alright, so I should probably stay in the Northern Hemisphere the whole time then?

Yes, then you can stop at airports in Russia.

That wouldn’t be a world tour haha

I suppose so, it’s just that there’s not much aviation over the Southern Hemisphere. Especially over Oceans 🌊

You can still go down to Australia. After that, head to India, down to Madagascar and depending on your range, cross the Atlantic to South America passing by west Africa.

TBM would be your best bet

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Yeah, I think I’ve decided to go for a TBM because I won’t have to worry about fuel as much.

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I did this in the TBM as I wanted to do south Pacific. The screenshot includes my route from my local airport, Newquay EGHQ to Australia before heading back through Asia and Europe. I recommend those stops if you want to do south Pacific. Also all the islands out there. Have terrain textures so they look great.

Good luck!!

Could the TBM reach PHNL from KLAX? If so, that would probably be your best bet, then try and get to Guam, then Japan. Not sure.

Edit: Nevermind, doesn’t look like you could, you’d have to glide 500 miles!

Awesome! I’m planning on having my base at either KSFO or KFAR but whichever home base I will have, I think some of those routes would be really good to have!

Might need to go to Alaska and fly into northern Russia

Yeah it just means heading south to South America first if you wanted to use them. 👍

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