Circumnavigating the earth in IF! (Postponed indefinitely)

I plan to circle the earth in the next 24-28 hours in Infinite Flight! It’s going to be a major challenge, and the biggest issue is going to be sleep. Each flight will be 3-5 hours long. If you want to keep track I’ll be posting here! Or you can go on live flight to see where I am (My callsign is N967YR). Currently I’m starting my first of over 20 legs!

If this is in the wrong category please feel free to change it!


PSSSSHHH using the top? I can toats circumnavigate the equator, (dont ask meh for proof)

in all seriousness good luck !

Yeah, my goal is to get around the north pole. I know it’s gonna take me two days.

well like I said before, good luck, dont crash at the end XD (that would suck)


Yup also a quick update, I’m gonna be passing over Salt Lake City in about 40 minutes!

Cool. What plane are you conducting this journey with?

looks like hes flying the sr22 that little plane

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I’m in the Cirrus SR22 (Makes the goal much harder to obtain, I know it’s going to take me 48 hours).

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If you want to track it here you go ^^^

lets see how long it takes before you run out of fuel

I’m making multiple stops (it’d be impossible to compelte without them).

Since it’s about 4 hours of non-stop flying. I’ll be having three in a half hour sleep breaks. It’ll be best for my mental stability.

uhh… I may or may not have crashed into a mountain…

We’ll try again next weekend!

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