Circumnavigating the Earth... in an XCub

Hey everyone! Today I’m starting a journey across Earth in nothing but an XCub! The last time I did this it was with an A318 and rather easy, so why not make it harder?

I’ll start from my hometown of Orlando, Florida and fly northeast through Canada and Greenland, then south through Europe, and back north up to Russia then back.

This’ll take quite a while so stay tuned!

Day 1: KORL (Orlando Executive) to KDCA (Washington Ronald Reagan); Pictures coming soon!

And just so you know, I got a little inspiration from @Mikey1974 lol


I wish you good luck mate…I’ll see you in the 47th century 😂 jk lol


I am doing almost the opposite flight plan! I’m headed up to Perth Australia


Good luck on your flight! Don’t forget to take pictures of your travels.

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Didn’t abandon this… yet. School makes a tricky schedule, there’s my excuse.

Currently doing ORL-DCA, photos soon.

I wish you the best of luck…


go to manassas instead

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Yessss. DCA doesn’t serve GA, so I would hop in a fighter and intercept you if you did that… jk

Best of luck!

what server is this on