Circumnavigating an forgotten Island

Hello everyone!
Today, we are flying by a forgotten WW2 island in the Pacific which has a very old dirt strip.
It’s called Kure atoll and is near midway atoll, pacific

Current photo of it in the comments

Flight Data

Flight time: 8 Minutes
Server: Expert
Aircraft: C172
Livery: Embry Riddle University
Call sign: N405ER
Location: PM64
Time: 10:00 Zulu

Let’s begin!


This blue water fits perfectly to my livery!

Looks more like the Maldives

On short final for some touch & gos

Let’s fly over the island

Last takeoff

Very low pass over the island


Since this airfield doesn’t have parking places, let’s park at an empty grass meadow and shutoff our engine there.

Thanks for watching and I hope you liked my photos! ✈️


Btw this is how it looks now
According to maps this island has houses… who knows how long there weren’t humans here


I believe that there is now a protected bird sanctuary on the island, and the houses and buildings are for when scientists/researchers come to study the ecosystem.


ah, didn’t know that but thanks


I could imagine making an event on this airport

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Alright there’s an event upcoming on this airport we will be making a group flight from PM64 to midway atoll and back

we will be using c172, cessna cavaran and p38

can I use a TBM930?

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What if we land an a318 there