Circumference flight.

Has anyone done this yet? looking into it to and from Lax with stops in between at Hong Kong,Johannesburg,Santa cruz! might have to change the South American airport but I want the most accurate circumference.image|830x466

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Just type in the coordinates

0N/0W 0N/10000W 0N/0W

You should be good to go


I think it’s possible with proper trim on the 747-8 or A380. Both aircraft can hold up to 22-23h+ of fuel!

0N/0W 0N/10000W 0N/20000W 0N/-20000W 0N/-60000W

You mean this as the route?

Do it in a Super D, then I’ll be impressed


it could be done in one stop? using what? 787-8? or 777-200LR?

I doubt it. You could theoretically use the KC-10 tanker and have people refuel you.

Yes, fly from a place near Ecuador, around the world and 24 hours later you reach Singapore.

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