Circular flight plan


I was wondering how to draw a perfectly circular flight plan in infinite flight so I can replicate the pattern like this e3

I believe it’s a constant bank angle but I don’t know if there is a way to do that in if

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Hey there!

You can use this website called IF-Flightplan tools!

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The holding over a point pattern set by ATC (radar) appears circular if you have a look

Flight planning not too sure

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thx so much

The mods can now close this btw

There is no option to draw a perfect circle in there, but it should be possible with a pair of coordinates on the opposite side of each other and using the arc to next and changing the entry heading.

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Had a quick try, totally doable. Might not be a true perfect circle, but close enough I think.


how did you do that btw first time using the editor


I picked 2 points that were exactly level with each other (Latitude the same)

Copied the first waypoint so it was like Point A → Point B → Point A

From the first one, hit edit > Arc to Next > Change entry heading to be either 0 or 180, then change the number of points to be 30 (That can be changed based on how many points you want).

Then did the same for Point B back to Point A but used the opposite direction that I previously used.

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@AdamCallow it worked thanks so much

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When the a220 comes I’ll use this software to draw an a220 logo in the sky above Toulouse 🙂