Circuits at St Barthes

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  • St Barthes
  • St Maarten

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Yesterday I decided to do some circuits at St Barthes in a Cessna 208.

Rotating out of St Barthes

At this point I was thinking of the agonising angle of the hill

I then decided to leave the area and head to St Maarten and do some circuits there

I will soon upload the photos of St Maarten. Thanks for taking a look.


May want to fix your poll… as of right now, only admins can vote.

Nice pics, though!


Hey for the vote you should check because only admin can vote 😉

Thanks in the process of doing that

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We said that I on same time lol 😂

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Cool photos there, St. Barthes is pretty fun. But you butter at St. Maarten though?


Come and join me now if you want