Circling again

I am once again having the same issue that I have. I normally do long haul transatlantic flights but recently I started noticing my plane would stop making circles. Originally I tested the theory that I missed a waypoint because of my high velocity which did in fact prove that of itself but today I veered of Course off my flight plan and start making circle a couple thousand miles away. When I try to correct the issue it works temporarily then starts banking right and does not stop.


Make sure that the waypoint you are wanting to fly to is set as your active leg.

What happens if it isn’t?

Not quite understanding what you’re saying.

Try to remove waypoints close together, what speed are you usually cruising at too?

Also sending the replay good help us out a lot!

It means that you plane starts flying to a different waypoint, usually it’s one close to your departure because that is still set as your active leg. This causes your plane to fly to that waypoint not the waypoint you are intending for it to fly to.

@virginamericaif Do any of your waypoints make a drastic maneuver in one direction? Also by chance is this the second flight under one session(Ex. Fly from Heathrow to Dublin then Dublin to New York without starting a new session?)

No to all of these. Standby, trying to get it uploaded on the forum

I would also recommend using a free resource that utilizes simbrief to generate flight plans, altitudes, and weight

Additionally there is a lovely tutorial on how to file a proper flight plan. I would give this a look and test it out to see if the issue remains.

What I’m confused about is this kind of issue only happens when waypoints are separated thousands of miles apart. I don’t see it as an issue of waypoints. I make sure I set active waypoint in case I miss a point in my climb.

Looking at the replay from last night, I saw my plane started turning left without any ap change. From that point it kept that same turn for a couple of hours.

I don’t think I can send the replay. I cruise at 0.90. My active way point at the time time was thousands of miles apart when it happened

M0.90 👀

Wayyy to high, if your in a 787 for example, the max you should be doing is M0.86.

Smaller aircraft like the 737/A320 are at 0.78

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In addition, thousands of nm between waypoints is a bit long

Is there anyway I can upload the replay or at least a portion of it?

Follow the instructions on

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Around 7 hours and 39 minutes is where it happens

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Alright, looking at the replay this is what I think happened:

You took off and set your heading only, and did not have an fpl or LNAV active. The issue is, eventually, your heading gradually curved as you got closer to the north pole. Once you reached the north pole, your AP got confused and led you to circle over it


Seems to be right seeing as this only happens near the North Pole. Any other long haul flight does this not happen.

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