Circle Thing in the Middle

Just a quick question, I don’t know if this belongs in support or not but I have a quick question about something in the HUD mode. So right in front of what I call the “horizon indicator” is this weird circle thing with 2 lines sticking out of it. At times, I would see it toward the right side, the middle, and the left. Could someone please tell me what it is called? Sorry if this is a duplicate since I really do not know what it is called.

THat is where the plane is going or the planes direction I don’t know what It is called

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It’s a Flight Path Indicator. Shows you the exact direction the plane is going.


It points to where your aircraft is expected to go with the current configuration (flaps, speed, wind etc.

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The velocity vector. It’s useful for landing but not much else.
Yeah and what they ☝️ said too :)

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what i heard was its used for some kind landing aid…but not sure how to use it exactly.

This tutorial should help.

The circle is the direction the plane is going. The V shape is where the nose is pointed. You will notice during a crosswind that they are not lined up.


As explained in the topic quoted by Chris, it’s called a vector indicator and shows your true flight path in relation to the orientation of the aircraft. Its incredibly useful for manual landings.

It is where your plane is actually headed.
When on approach the -v- looking device, the Heading Indicator, points in the direction of the nose of your plane.So when the wind is blowing make sure you approach and land using the Vector Indicator. Yes, you are approaching at an angle when the wind is blowing.

Wow, thanks for the help everyone! I am trying to learn as much as I can about airplanes so I could do a flight and landing that is as smooth as possible.