Cinematic Timelapse Frankfurt am Main - Cagliari

Hello guys! Today I uploaded my second video! It’s about a groupflight organized by my VA NSV! It’s from EDDF to LIEE, the aircraft is the B757 with the Thomas Cook livery and the flight time was around two hours. I put even more work into this video than into the other one and I want you to keep in mind this was edited on an iPad not a computer… anyways I hope you enjoy! Cheers!
~Mobile Aviation

Link (the picture works as a link):


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Very nice video!! What editor do you use?

I see black strips on the edges of my video, is this intentional?

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I use KineMaster… And no the black stripes aren’t intentional sadly… I think they are getting created when I record with the Apple software and put it into a 16:9 video format. It’s not optimized in all apps because the iPad Pro has this new format


I think I found a solution for upcoming videos… we’ll see

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Really cool video, very well made. Also the music fits really well. Did you depart yesterday evening from FRA? (If so I might have seen you.) Thanks for sharing!


First of all thanks for your kind feedback! And no, my group flight was on Tuesday I think

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Ok, probably another Condor Group Flight then. No problem!

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Thanks to everyone for your support! I appreciate it

Ah I forgot to mention: Music is Alive by Ikson

What kind of video do you want me to do next?

Thanks to everyone watching