Cinematic Plane Spotting at San Jose

Hello world 👋🏻! Today I present you a new kind of video on my channel, a plane spotting video in IF. It was recorded at the airport of the capital of Costa Rica, San José (Juan Santammaría Airport). I hope you enjoy the video! Also feel free to leave feedback or/and simply vote in the poll below!


~Mobile Aviation/Maximilian1805

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I enjoyed watching the video. Some cuts could have been a bit cleaner. And why do you cut the aircrafts in the frame and filmed them only the half? 😄

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Great work!

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Very nice! You had some nice shots and the music went well with the scenes.

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Wow that’s amazing my dude 👌

Great job 🔥

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Thank you!

Thanks for the kind feedback!

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I have to admit the thing with the cuts. About the thing with the half plane: That’s due to my free cam movement. Sadly I have some problems constantly aligning the cam with the center of a moving aircraft but I am working on it! If you are referring to the Nordwind Airlines Aircraft, there was the additional problem of it lagging during the takeoff which made it jump back and forth (that’s why it’s in one cut far more ahead)

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